I am on the organising committee for the following conferences/workshops. If you are interested in attending or presenting at one of these conferences please get in touch.

(2) MATRIX 2021: Study Group on the Mathematics of Tissue Dynamics. (June 2022)

Co-organised with Adriana Zanca, Domenic Germano (PhD Students, University of Melbourne), Dr James Osborne (University of Melbourne).

This is part of the University of Melbourne’s School of Mathematics and Statistics Special Emphasis Year will be on Biological Dynamics: Mathematics of Cellular Systems to Epidemics.

(1) Data-driven modelling in mathematical biology (July 2021).

Co-organised with Alexander Browning and Maud El-Hachem (PhD Students, QUT).

An introduction to connecting mathematical models with experimental data including: three keynote speakers (Dr Adrianne Jenner, Dr Douglas Brumley, Dr Rebecca Chisholm), two lectorials (Dr Oliver Maclaren, Professor Chris Drovandi), and group projects to allow participants to apply the techniques and ideas from tutorials and keynote speakers to suggested problems.