Feb 2019 – ANZIAM Australia and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Nelson, NZ (Talk)

Mar 2019 – Herston Biofabrication Institute Inaugural Conference, Brisbane, QLD, Australia (Poster)

Jun 2019 – QANZIAM Queensland branch of ANZIAM, Brisbane, QLD, Australia (Talk)

Sep 2019 – Mechanobiology of cancer summer school, Barcelona, Spain (Talk and Poster)

Feb 2020 – ANZIAM, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia (Talk)

Jun 2020 – SIAM Life Sciences, Garden Grove, California, USA (accepted talk and poster) *cancelled

Aug 2020 – Society of Mathematical Biology eConference (Talk and Poster)

Aug 2020 – Lorentz Center Workshop – Modelling Shape and Size in Biological Development – including group work and presentation on ‘Using LimbNET to explore limb bud development with James Sharpe Lab’.

Sep 2020 – Computational Techniques and Applications Conference, Sydney (Talk)

Nov 2020 – 3D Cancer Modelling, Brisbane Cancer Conference, Brisbane

Dec 2020 – Computational Mathematics, Australian Mathematical Society Annual Meeting

Feb 2021 – ANZIAM, Online Conference (Talk)

Feb 2021 – Translation Research Institute group meeting (Talk)

Jun 2021 – Society of Mathematical Biology (Talk)


2019, 2020 – ANZIAM Mathematical Biology Special Interest Group

2019, 2020 – ANZSCDB Australia and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology

2020 – Brisbane Cancer Conference, Mechanics in developmental biology, France

Jan 2020 – Physics of Collective Cell Migration, Princeton University, USA

Oct 2020 – Measuring and modelling the Epithelial/Mesenchymal Plasticity (EMP) spectrum webinar course

Nov 2020 – QANZIAM Queensland branch of ANZIAM, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Dec 2020 – BioInfoSummer 2020 – Bioinformatics Symposium, Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute