Lecturing and Unit Coordinating

Semester 2 2022: I am the unit coordinator and lecturer for SEB113: Quantitative Methods in Science at the Queensland University of Technology. This first year unit is a foundational science unit for developing core quantitative skills of analysis, modelling and simulation that underpins modern scientific practice. (200 students).


Between 2018-2022, during my PhD and Postdoc, at the Queensland University of Technology I have tutored the following subjects:

  • MXB102 – Abstract Mathematical Reasoning (real analysis) – Workshops (100 students)
  • MXB105 – Calculus and Differential Equations – Online Workshops and Consultation Sessions (50 students)
  • MZB125 – Introductory Engineering Mathematics – Workshops and Computer Labs (250 students)
  • MXB225 – Modelling with Differential Equations 1 – Hybrid online/in-person Workshops (60 students)
  • MXB325 – Modelling with Differential Equations 2 (pde’s, fluid mechanics) – Hybrid online/in person Workshops and Course Development (40 students)
  • MXB361 – Aspects of Computational Science – Lectorials (50 students)